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Generating Kubernetes configuration files using Kubectl

When you're new to Kubernetes creating the Kubernetes configuration files starting with a blank editor window can be quite daunting. One option is to copy an existing file from somewhere and editing it but this can be problematic as there may be alot of noise or perhaps old API versions neither of which are helpful when you're just starting out. A handy tip is to use the Kubectl (the Kubernetes CLI) to generate a minimal configuration file for you. This will ensure the file is matched to the version of Kubernetes you're using and shouldn't contain too much extraneous information. Using the -o…

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Minikube on Windows stops responding

This is a quick post to try and help anyone else who runs into an issue with Minikube on Windows suddenly not responding to commands. The solution is actually quite straightforward and in fact in the documentation (I did RTFM and had previously recreated the hyper-v switch which solved the issue for a little while) TL;DR Jump straight to the solution below Minikube is a fantastic tool for trying out Kubernetes without needing to have a full blown cluster at your disposable. I talk about and use Minikube as part of a talk I give around Kubernetes and recently I've run into an issue where Miniku…

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Introduction to AKS - Managed Kubernetes Service on Azure

To paraphrase Marc Andreessen, Kubernetes is eating the world. Microsoft today (24th October 2017) announced the public preview of the AKS, a fully managed Kubernetes Service running on Azure. TL;DR### AKS is to Azure what GKE is to Google Cloud Platform. Kubernetes on Azure Sure you've been able to run Kubernetes on Azure for a while, so why AKS and how does it differentiate itself from the other solutions on Azure? Broadly speaking you have 3 choices for running Kubernetes on Azure. Kubernetes the hard way - spin up the infrastructure and install it yourself. Azure Container Service (ACS) -…

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