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Introduction to AKS - Managed Kubernetes Service on Azure

To paraphrase Marc Andreessen, Kubernetes is eating the world. Microsoft today (24th October 2017) announced the public preview of the AKS, a fully managed Kubernetes Service running on Azure. TL;DR### AKS is to Azure what GKE is to Google Cloud Platform. Kubernetes on Azure Sure you've been able to run Kubernetes on Azure for a while, so why AKS and how does it differentiate itself from the other solutions on Azure? Broadly speaking you have 3 choices for running Kubernetes on Azure. Kubernetes the hard way - spin up the infrastructure and install it yourself. Azure Container Service (ACS) -…

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Windows containers on Azure Container Instance

If you're experimenting with Windows containers and want a super quick way to get started with running the containers you can't get anything easier than Azure Container Instances (ACI). At MS Ignite 2017 Microsoft officially announced you can now run Windows containers on Azure Container Instances (it is still in preview though). Its pretty easy to get started, especially with the command line interface (cli), we're using the Cloud Shell to make things even easier here. First lets create a new resource group for our container instance (this is identical for linux or windows containers). az gro…

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Australia Azure regions are now open to non residents

Shortly after the GA of the Australian Azure regions I was bitterly disappointed to discover that these regions were only open to users who have a Aus/NZ presence. It was tricky to get a handle on the nature of the restriction, was is due to limited capacity? or perhaps local tax laws?. After months of trying to get a concise answer the consensus appeared to be that the local tax requirements in Australia were the root cause. Restriction lifted Well approximately one year later I'm really pleased to hear that this limitation has been lifted as of the 3rd October 2016 and you are free to use th…

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Azure App Service hard HTTP timeout limit

Wow its been over 9 months since the last blog post, time to get back on the wagon! I recently ran into an undocumented timeout limit for services hosted in Azure App Service and I struggled to figure out if I was doing something stupid or if the issue was the hosting platform. TL;DR There is a hard timeout limit of ~4mins on http(s) calls to APIs hosted in Azure App Service that is undocumented. There are no plans to address this so if you have long running api calls you will need to implement an alternative mechanism (polling, webhook push etc.) which is no bad thing assuming you have access…

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Microsoft Specialist: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions

Just a quick post to say that I've passed the 70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions exam which means I can use the title Microsoft Specialist: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. I'm not normally a big fan of these kind of certifications and I don't for one second think I'm now a better architect but I find them a "necessary evil" in order to prove your experience without being filtered out by recruitment agencies who have absolutely no knowledge of the subject so cannot recognise experience from someone's CV. Unsurprisingly having several years of experience was a real…

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