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"High-ish" availability cross-region architectures

TL;DRThe architectures of a cross-region highly available (HA) application vs a single region application are often seen as quite distinct. This post will show it doesn't have to be that clear cut, with a few small changes we can cost effectively deal with a region outage quicker and without the same expense as running redundant copies of our solution.IntroductionHigh Availability concepts and architecture is a big topic but I wanted to cover a specific aspect of HA with regards to configuring architectures across datacentre regions. This post doesn't cover other important aspects of HA and re…

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Introduction to AKS - Managed Kubernetes Service on Azure

To paraphrase Marc Andreessen, Kubernetes is eating the world. Microsoft today (24th October 2017) announced the public preview of the AKS, a fully managed Kubernetes Service running on Azure. TL;DR### AKS is to Azure what GKE is to Google Cloud Platform. Kubernetes on Azure Sure you've been able to run Kubernetes on Azure for a while, so why AKS and how does it differentiate itself from the other solutions on Azure? Broadly speaking you have 3 choices for running Kubernetes on Azure. Kubernetes the hard way - spin up the infrastructure and install it yourself. Azure Container Service (ACS) -…

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Windows containers on Azure Container Instance

If you're experimenting with Windows containers and want a super quick way to get started with running the containers you can't get anything easier than Azure Container Instances (ACI). At MS Ignite 2017 Microsoft officially announced you can now run Windows containers on Azure Container Instances (it is still in preview though). Its pretty easy to get started, especially with the command line interface (cli), we're using the Cloud Shell to make things even easier here. First lets create a new resource group for our container instance (this is identical for linux or windows containers). az gro…

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