Quick and simple screen recording and editing on Windows 10

Without needing to install any 3rd party tools you can create and edit screen recordings in a few simple steps.

I recently starting speaking at local usergroups and conferences and wanted to record videos of some of my demos as a back up. I know there are very popular and fully featured tools such as Camtasia but I just wanted some basic screen recording and didn’t want to have to buy and learn a new tool for such a basic requirement.

Not many people know there is a capability of recording your screen built into Windows 10 and as of the Fall Creators Update (released Oct 2017) you can also do some basic video editing too.

Win + G - Game bar

Pressing the Windows key and G brings up the game bar designed for recording Xbox games, the first time you do this it will ask you if the current window is a game. Obviously my terminal window is game :) so I tick yes.

This brings up the game bar and from there I can record the current window (with or without audio)

When you stop the recording it is automatically saved to the My Videos\Captures folder.

Once you have the recordings you may want to do some basic editing. In my case I wanted to trim the end of one clip and stitch it together with another clip (sadly the game bar recorder doesn’t let you pause a recording).

Basic video editing with Photos app

Right-clicking on one of the clips and opening with Photos (huh!) give you the ability to edit that video

As you can see from the menu you can simply trim the video or if you want to get info more interesting options you can annotate the video directly or get really creative with 3D effects. If you selected Create a video with text you can access the editor which gives you some more options

In my case I was just triming and joining clips but the more creative amongst you can probably have more fun. This is part of the Story Remix functionality introduced in Windows 10 creators update