Australia Azure regions are now open to non residents

Shortly after the GA of the Australian Azure regions I was bitterly disappointed to discover that these regions were only open to users who have a Aus/NZ presence. It was tricky to get a handle on the nature of the restriction, was is due to limited capacity? or perhaps local tax laws?. After months of trying to get a concise answer the consensus appeared to be that the local tax requirements in Australia were the root cause.

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Restriction lifted

Well approximately one year later I’m really pleased to hear that this limitation has been lifted as of the 3rd October 2016 and you are free to use the 2 Australian regions. This is a major plus if you have customers from the region and allows you to geo-locate resources to provide better latency to your users. Before you dive in and start trying to move your resources you should check that the price of your services aren’t significantly different in the Aus regions, and ensure all of the services you use are available in the region