Microsoft Azure Stack Technical Preview

If you’ve been following Microsoft’s journey with their cloud platform you’ll know they have invested heavily in differentiating themselves from the other providers. One of the key facets of this strategy has been to target hybrid clouds by making it simpler to bridge between on-premise and Azure.

The release of the Azure Stack Technical Preview (formerly known as Azure Pack) is an exciting step onwards in the hybrid cloud story.

In simple terms what is it?

Azure in your datacentre

The rationale behind Azure Stack is to provide organisations (hardware requirements) to be able to blur the lines between their private cloud(s) and Azure. By operating through an interface (UI/API) which is, for all intends and purposes identical to the Azure, users of the Azure stack can achieve use a single unified experience to create resources in their private cloud or in Azure. Now of course this is a gross simplification of the technology however the tag line that sums it up best for me is “its Azure in your datacentre”

Why does it matter?

With Azure Stack you have location transparent solutions

With Azure Stack you can consider your solution as being location transparent, you can implement solutions which could be working entirely on premise, entirely in the cloud or a combination of both. When you combine this location transparency with the breadth and depth of the Azure platform as a software developer its an exciting time to be implementing solutions on Azure.

More details on the technical preview are due to be released in the few days including webcasts